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The Man Who Lived On His Bike

A little Monday morning video entertainment.

“I love being on a bike, it helps me feel free. I get it from my dad. After days and days of cycling the streets of Montreal, come cold or sun, or even a little frightened, I dedicate this film to him.”
_- Guillaume Blanchet

Have fun, ride safe

Revamp the great American road trip…

A great example of how bike trips instead of car trips can have a positive economic impact on small towns and rural areas. I know there are plenty of small towns in Massachusetts that would benefit from people taking more bike trips.

Imagine the boost everyone would get from bicycle road trips.

Nothing huge mind you, just a short casual ride for about 4 to 5 hours from your home to a campsite or a Bread and Breakfast.

Spend sometime in the town and boost their economy while meeting some nice people who would be thrilled to have your business.

The next day leave for home just as casually as you left with smile on your face and a little extra money in your pocket because you did not have to gas up the car.

Sounds like  a nice little trip to me.

Let me know…have you ever done a short bike overnight trip?

Have fun, ride safe


Monday morning and I did not want to ride today…it was cold and I was a whiny little shit.
It took me a while to get the smile to finally appear on my face…2.5 mile to be exact.
I still have it along with a sparkle in the eye and a spring in the step.

One of the most consistent things in my life other than family is the joy that biking brings me.
I am always happier after a ride.

So I searched the Internet for something or someone who understands…
And I found it/him…

Here is Tim Pierce’s video an “Ode to the Bicycle”.
Thank you for creating this video, Tim.
I hope everyone enjoys it.

Bicycle Bucket List


Do you have a bicycle bucket list?

I do…

1. Bike the distance of Massachusetts

2. Bike to the tip of Cape Cod

3. Bike from Boston to New York…lots of fun but shattered my elbow on that ride.  Learned the value of a helmet( that will be a later post)

4. Bike across the country East to West

5. Bike the Atlantic Trail to Florida

6. Get a mountain bike

7. Get a single gear

8. Bike commute the entire winter and not get frost bite

9. Bike tour in a foreign country

10. Learn to properly maintain my bike(s)

11. Mountain bike the Great Divide Mountain Bike Route (

12. Visit Groningen, Netherlands – This city is a biker’s Mecca.Here is a video preview of the city…


What are some things on your list?